We highly value your trust. Our goal is to make you feel secure when disclosing us your personal data. Personal data is any information that can be used to identify an individual. If you don’t have a certain understanding of what is personal data of a physical person, you can find that out at

It’s important for us to be transparent when processing your personal data. This privacy policy and Terms (hereinafter – Terms) describes how and where processes personal data to provide you services.

When registering at web page, you trust SIA „Orange Hat” (hereinafter – Company or us) with your personal data and give us the rights to process them in accordance with its scope, types and goals stated in Terms.

If you don’t agree to these Terms, we unfortunately can’t provide you the opportunity to use all or some of the services (hereinafter – Services) provided by the Company.

In this Policy you will find all information on what type of data we collect and process, for what purposes do we use them, for how long we store them etc. This information is significant, therefore we hope that you will read it carefully.

Please also note that these Terms can be changed, updated, amended.

We value your privacy, so the security of your personal data is our priority. We use appropriate organisational and technical means to ensure constant security of your personal data and conformity of data processing with requirements of data protection laws and our internal policy.

The Company collects and processes your personal data state in the Terms in accordance with such legal grounds:

  • You have agreed to what’s stated in these Terms;
  • Our legitimate interests;
  • Executing legal responsibilities of the Company which are binding to it.

In accordance with the scope stated in legislation and the Terms, the processing your data can be based on one or several legal grounds stated above.


Registration at

When you register and agree to Terms, you submit to us the form questions stated below. Submission of the respective registration data is obligatory, because they will be required for using the Services. When registering you confirm that the personal data you’ve given is precise and correct. We don’t take any responsibility for incorrect or incomplete data provided by you.

Registration form data:
Data categoriesUser’s name and surname
User’s email
User’s mobile phone number
Delivery address
For legal persons
Name of the legal person
Registration number
Legal address
Legal grounds for data processing You have agreed to use Services in accordance with conditions stated in Terms.
Term for data processing The whole period while you use Services.
The confirmation and a proof for it we can store
for a longer time if it’s necessary to defend any
claims or objections against us.


In accordance with your form data on we create a unique profile, which will be used to identify you as a registered user of website The profile will allow you to us Services for registered users in accordance with conditions of these Terms.

Contact information in your form (electronic mail, telephone number) we also use for cooperation with you, by replying to your requests, notes, giving important information about Services, provision of them and/or changes in these Terms by contacting you, also in cases you have forgotten your purchases or we have found issues regarding transactions etc.

It’s very important that the data in your form are correct and precise. If you give incorrect (false) data, forget them or don’t update them, we could have difficulties with providing Services to you, as well as other difficulties may arise when executing your rights. We will not be held accountable for losses due to incorrect personal data indicated in the form.

If the data submitted by you changes, you must immediately inform us about it and change the respective data in registration form online or on app.

The Company can’t check the correctness of your provided data and if it conforms to reality. By accepting your registration form, we assume that your data are correct and precise, but all your confirmations are given with your free will after reviewing these Terms.


We process your data so we can monitor and administer your account.

Account data:
Data categories Data given during registration (on website, data for joining the account,
operations in account, including
technical browsing data (IP address,
joining and technical browsing information).
Legal grounds for data processingYour confirmation to create and use an account in accordance with conditions of Terms.
Term for data processing The whole period while you use Services.
The confirmation and a proof for it we can store
for a longer time if it’s necessary to defend any
claims or objections against us.

Your confirmation to use an account on website we consider as received when you have carried out the operations required in Terms for creating an account and have confirmed the registration.


Processing data of your purchases

When providing you Services and different benefits – concluding and executing sales contracts, making refunds (if you return a purchased item), giving discounts etc. – at the same time of processing your registration data, we also process data regarding the purchase operations (hereinafter – Purchase Data).

Your Purchase Data to be processed for Service administration:
Data categories Your name, surname email, telephone number,
delivery address, signature, date and time
of purchase and delivery, names of items,
quantities, prices of purchases and given discounts, method of paying for purchase and payment information.
Grounds for data processing Your agreement to use the account in accordance with conditions of these Terms.
Term for data processing Five years after the day of purchase operation.


We store purchase data for five years after the day of purchase operation, but after the term has ended, we delete them and/or securely make them anonymous – irreversibly separate them from your form data and other information that identifies you.


If during the filling in of registration form you agreed to receive offers and news, we process your personal data by giving you suvh offers and information, for example, general newsletters, information about services provided by our partners, discounts, offers, sales, we offer to participate in campaigns, lotteries and get prizes, ask for your opinion regarding the provided services and products etc. We provide the offers and information in your account as well as other platforms chosen by you, such as email or SMS.

Personal data to be processed for providing offers and information:
Data categories Your name, email and (or) phone number.
Legal grounds for data processingYou have agreed to receive offers and information.
Data processing termWhile your confirmation to receive offers
and news is valid. The confirmation of you
agreeing and a proof for it we can store for a longer time if it’s necessary to defend any
claims or objections against us.

You can choose the preferred communication channels in privacy settings of the profile account on These settings you can change at any time without limitations.

At any time you can disagree to receive to receive offers and news, decline them or change the way of receiving notifications (channel). Declining to receive eny offers and news will not distrub receiving Services.


We process your personal data to administer your personal data to administer offers and benefits of Loyalty program.

If regarding the current loyalty program we should implement additional benefits or offers and ask you to provide additional personal data or use the already provided data for different purposes, we will give you this information regarding personal data processing by requesting personal data or introducing with the new purposes.

Personal data to be processed
for loyalty program:
Personal data categoriesYour name, surname, email,
telephone number, delivery address,
names of items, quantities, purchase prices
and their discounts, method of paying
and payment information.
Legal groundsYou have agreed to receive benefits of loyalty
program if you’re a memeber and to us the account
in accordance with conditions of Terms.
Term for storingFor the whole period while you ar a memeber of
loyalty program. The confirmation of you
agreeing anda proof for it we can store for a
longer time if it’s necessary to defend any
claims or objections against us.


We will use your personal data to respond to your requests, claims and to administer your reviews (hereinafter – Request).

Data to be processed for
research of statistics, market
and our clients acticvity:
Data categoriesIdentification and contact information provided
by you: name, surname, telephone number,
email, address, identification number, contract
number, company name; Content of your
request: reason for contacting, its circumstances,
date, palce, your request, claim or review, the item,
other information in the Request; Other documents
and/or data provided with the Request:
for example, waybills, photos, call recording; if you
turn to our customer service department.
Legal grounds for data processingExcercising our legal duty regarding reviewing
customers’ Requests and responding, as well
as our legitimate interests to assess customer
reviews to improve our operation and qulity of
provided services.
Data processing term Five years after the day of purchase operation.

We use your data only for proper and objective reviewing of your Request, to provide you the necessarry information, respind to questions, solve any requirements or requests. We can also analyse the Request data to improve our operations and the quality of services provided to you, by considering your opinion and suggestions.


Your Request and data related with it we process and store for as long as we review the Request, provide you with a response and execute the decisions made, as well as up to six months after the Request has been solved, but no less than:

  • Requests in email – six months;
  • Claims – five years;
  • Individual Facebook messages – six months.

If regarding the Request a legal dispute has arised or there is a possibility of such dispute, we can store your data for longer, until the term for submitting claims or complaints determined in legislation have ended and/or the final decision on dispute has been made.

When the data storing term stated in this Policy has ended, we will destroy the data or securely and irreversably make them anonym as soon as possible in an appropriate time period for carrying out such operation.


We get almost all personal data only from you. You submit form data in a direct way, for example, by filling in registration form, but the purchase data by using Services.

We gain your data in a direct way from you also when you submit a Request in any chosen form: by writing an email, submitting a written request, calling our customer service helpline etc.

When for an objective and good quality reviewing of your Request we need additional information or must carry out a study of significant circumstances, we can relate your Request data with thos already exhisting and/or data collected during review of your Request, for example, we can review purchase operation data, history of your account usage, survey our employees etc.


We can forward your data for processing to third parties, which helps us to to execute and administer provision of Services, and privdes uz with the services of administering customers’ requests. Such persons can be data base software providers, companies providing data base administering services, data centers, maintenance and cloud service, direct marketing services, suppliers, market research or entrepreneurship analytics service providers etc. In all cases we provide data processors only the minimum amount of data necessarry for executing the required task or providing service. Data processors outsourced by us can process your personal data only by our specifications and can’t use them for other purposes or give to other persons without our consent. The also must provide data security in accordance with the legislation and the written contract we have concluded with them.

If we give the rights to our use services of our partners when using our own services (for example, outsourced providers of delivery), some of your data will be available to our partners, but only for the purposes of such general service provision or other cooperation terms.

If the case described in Request is related with insurance, we will forward your Request and data to the insurance company/-ies in which we have insured our civil liability, property or which covers a different insurance claim related with you Request. Insurance companies work as independent data managers and they process your data in accordance with terms and conditions of the insurance company.

Data can also be forwarded to competent authorities or judicial protection authorities, for example, the police or supervisory authority, but only if they request such information and only if it’s required in accordance with legislation, cases stated in it and in the order, to ensure our rights, safety of our customers, employees and resources, to delegate, submit and defend legal requirements.

If we use the service of analysing homepage (for example, Google Analytics), which is used to see how you view the webpage, we can exchange your anonimous data with third parties, which then use this information to evaluate the activity on webpage and prepares reports to page operators about webpage operation and gives other services in relation with the webpage and internet usage.


We process your personal data only in European Union territory. Currently we don’t have plans to give your personal data to third countries.


You have the rights to receive our confirmation on whether we process your data, as well as the rights to familiarise with your personal data that we process and information about the purpose of processing data, the data categories, categories of data receivers, data processing period and sources for collecting data.

Most part of this informations is provided in this Policy and we believe it will be useful for you.

If you have an accoubnt on, at any moment you can review your personal data in your account that we process (for example, check the current form information, your given consents).


If data in your registration form have changed or you see that the information about you that we process is incorrect or false, you have the rights to request to change,correct or make it more precise.

You can correct your data in your account on You can also turn to us in accordance with these Terms and ask us to change your data or make them more precise.


In cases when we process your data in accordance with your consent, you have the rights to withdraw it at any moment, which will be the basis for stopping your data processing.

For example, at any moment you can withdraw your consent to receive offers and news when providing individual services. Withdrawing of such consent will not limit you to further use Services, but it means we won’t be able to give you useful offers.

You can edit your consents (withdraw them or give again) by submitting aregistration form that has been updated accordingly, changing your consent settings in your account or by contacting us.

Please take into account that when the most significant consents to process your data are withdrawn or annulled, we may not be able to process your orders, provide special prices or discount levels.

You have the rights to request to delete your data from our data base. After such request we will securely and irreversibly delete and anonymise. Taking into account the purpose of providing Services and balance of judicial interests of both parties (yours as data subject and ours as data controller), your objections can mean that by stopping your data processing for ensuring our judicial interests, we won’t be able to allow you to further use services.

If you want to use the rights stated in this point, please submit a written request.


To protect our customers’ data from illegal disclosure, when receiving your request for providing data or execution of other rights, we must check your identity. For this purpose we might ask you to indicate the data stated in your registartion form (for example, your name, email or telephone number), which we can use to compare if your given data conforms to the data in the form. When carrying out this check we can also send out a control notification to the contact number or email address, and ask to authorize. Ig the check procedure is unsuccessful (for example, the form data doesn’t conform to registration form data or you can’t authorize after receiving an SMS or email), we will conclude that you are not the subject of requested data and will have to deny the submitted request.

When receiving your request regarding excercising any of your rights and successfully completing the checking procedure stated above, we undertake to immediately but no later than within one month from the day of receiving your request and completing the checking to give you information about operations that we did in accordance with your request. Taking into account the amunt of requests and their difficulty level, we have the rights to extend the one month term to two months after informing you about it until the end of first month and indicating the reasons for extending the term.

JIf your request was submitted electronically, we will provide the response electronically as well, except in cases when it’s not possible (for example, due to large amount of information) or if you request to respond in other formats.


You can contact us regarding data processing in the following ways:

  • Via email: [email protected]
  • By calling customer service: +371 20122888,
  • Legal address for letters: Dzelzavas street 77-23, Riga, LV-1084.


We use different technologies and procedures that ensure security to protect your personal information from illegal access, use or disclosure. Our vendors are carefully assessed and recruited and we require from them to use appropriate means of protection for your confidentiality and ensure safety of your personal information. But when using the internet or mobile connections, security can’t be guaranteed; giving any information to us using the indicated ways is on your own discretion.


When the term for data processing and storing stated in this Policy has ended, we will destroy your data but in the cases stated in these Terms – will securely and irreversably anonymise as soon as possible, in a period that is sensible and grounded for such operation.

Storing your personal data for a period longer than stated in these Terms can only be carried out if:

  • It’s necessary so we could be protected against claims, objections or requirements and would be able to execute our rights;
  • There are suspicions about an illegal activity, for which there is an investigation;
  • Your data are necessarry for a proper reviewing of a dispute or claim;
  • It’s necessarry to ensure a backup copy and other similiar purposes;
  • Other justifications stated in legislation.


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