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CHEMEX consists of a glass bulb with a narrow waist. For the preparation of coffee using special paper filters made of chemically bonded paper, thicker than standard paper filters for the drip method of brewing. Coffee made using this method differs from the taste of coffee brewed by other methods. Especially good for revealing the full taste of arabica.

How to brew CHEMEX coffee

  • Place a paper filter in the neck of the flask, moisten it with a small amount of water and without removing the filter, pour water from the flask.
  • Pour freshly ground coffee onto the filter and moisten it by pouring hot water (90 ° C) over the entire surface of dry coffee.
  • Then, slowly pouring the desired amount of water (number of cups) onto the ground coffee, wait for it to seep through the paper filter into the flask.
  • Remove the filter with leftovers and enjoy coffee.